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"Gotta keep goin'. Everything is a brand new challenge for me! I will believe in myself. This is the only start for me!"

Hey there! I'm Miles Prower, but all my friends call me Tails!

If you need any help or anything fixed, don't be afraid to send me a message. I'm always up for making new friends too!

(Independent Tails Roleplay blog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Tracking the tag 'twotailedmechanic')

"…I don’t think I want to ask."

It’s-… nothing. Don’t worry about it. I bet you’ve been hit by these Anon guys too, so you probably know the ‘magic’ usually wears off after a while, right?.. Guh.

*Tails groaned and scratched his ears in irritation. At least Eggman was being as quiet as usual, so there was no threat that the flame shield would have any reason to suddenly disappear any time soon either. That was a nice inch of relief.

Still, being surrounded by lava everywhere wasn’t the most comfortable of scenarios - especially since the entirety of his view was blinded by it. Great, the workshop would be completely totalled over and—*

Huh! Now that I think about it I doubt it’ll destroy anything! Most of the time these things turn back like it never even happened, so hopefully it will be the same this time. That.. or this is just in my head. That’s a possibility.

Anonymous asked: Magic!Anon: The ground and the sky are now lava

Anonymous asked: Why is Tails doll after you mostly?

*Tails Doll? Wow, that was a ghost from the past - and not one that Tails particularly wanted to be haunted by again either. Sure, it was harmless but it’s eyes were just-.. guh, so creepy and dead looking. 

Thank Chaos Eggman actually started putting more life and personality into his robots after that!*

H-heh, that old thing?..

*His voice shook slightly in nerves as the memory became more vivid, but he quickly shook it off along. After all, it was just a stuffed, remote controlled robot with no sentience whatsoever. Nothing more.*

I think you’re reading too many internet stories Anon. It’s not after me at all! In fact.. I’ve not seen the Tails Doll in years. Maybe Eggman scrapped it. Who knows?

… ‘Kay then.

Yeaaaah, I really don’t know about this one… Maybe there’s a joke we’re missing or something?

Anonymous asked: How much longer are your tails compared to Sonic's?

*Hmm.. Nothing like coming back from a vacation and momentary illness to the most curious questions that the Anons have to offer. And by “curious”, what the fox boy was actually meaning in his head was, “just plain weird”.

…Where do people even think of this kind of stuff?!*

Erm, if I had to make a guess I’d say at least four times longer. Sorry if you wanted an numeral figure, but it’s not like I’ve ever had the motivation or reason to measure exactly…

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Meanwhile in Florida.. I kinda feel like Tails. :’O


The youngest sonic characters.
Tails: 8
Marine: 7
Cream: 6
Charmy: 6