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"Gotta keep goin'. Everything is a brand new challenge for me! I will believe in myself. This is the only start for me!"

Hey there! I'm Miles Prower, but all my friends call me Tails!

If you need any help or anything fixed, don't be afraid to send me a message. I'm always up for making new friends too!

(Independent Tails Roleplay blog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Tracking the tag 'twotailedmechanic')

artyom1991 asked: Do you also make comics?

((I’m assuming this is an OOC ask? To be honest, I don’t really. I’d love to (and almost did one of Sonic’s fanfics once) but I don’t know if I’d actually be good at it. I’d give it a shot though if I felt up to it.

Why do you ask?))

twotailedmechanic asked: Your puns are terrible.


"My puns are genius."

"Genius?" Hah, no way! Sonic’s puns are waaaay better than yours, and those still make me wanna pull my fur out.

the10bestmomentsofshadow asked: "Ah... Tails Tails Tails. How are you doing?"

*A quiet sigh passed through the air, almost silently before the young fox looked up at Shadow - smiling tiredly as he wiped the stinging sweat from his forehead.*

Heh, tired. That’s the simplest way to put it I think. 

*He paused for a moment, letting his attention focus more. It would be rude not to, especially since Shadow didn’t usually come around often. Not since G.U.N seemed to be upping the amount of missions they thrusted in the dark hedgehog’s face. Or at least, that’s what Tails thought was going on.*


Soooo, what’re you doing around here? If you’re looking for Sonic, he’s sorta out at the moment…



This ain’t a joke. While Eggman himself isn’t in trouble, the guy behind the awesome blog IS. HE’S NEARLY HOMELESS! And he’s GOING to be in November if we don’t do something! 

He just got out of a REALLY abusive situation, and got kicked to the curb by almost all of his family. 

There IS an option for him, tho’, but it’s in Canada. Which means he needs money to get there. 

So we’ve opened up a FundRazr campaign together to get him there in time! If you wanna donate some money (EVERY LITTLE BIT makes a difference, trust me!) or get the full story or, even just take a look to see if you wanna donate at all, it’s right here!! PLEASE at least take a look around!

But if you want a little something for yourself in exchange for the cash, two people including my best buddy Tails have opened up commissions for money to help him out! DocEgg’s friend’s commissions are over here, and Tails’ commissions can be found over here!!

If you can’t donate, do me a favor and at least let other people know and spread the word? 

( If you want an OOC post to reblog ‘cause y’know, a Sonic RP blog’s not the most serious thing on the planet, here’s a post about it with more info on my personal!

PLEASE help the guy out! He really needs it right now! )


My first ever commissions are now, OPEN!! I’m a little nervous (okay that’s a lie.. I’m REALLY nervous) about doing this but this is not for me.

In fact, all profits from this are going to my friend (hyp3rb0le) in order to help him get to Canada in order to avoid him becoming entirely homeless by November.

Please note: I will not draw any NSFW pictures. If you are interested in a commission, message me on here or by my gmail, as shown above. Paypal email will be given out privately on commission. 

For more examples of my stuff (the good and the not so good) another friend of mine runs a blog to archive my artwork, which can be found [here]! Thanks for looking~!

((Hey, I know I haven’t been incredibly active but this is really important. I’m opening commissions to help a friend, so if anyone would like to commission me, please message me on my personal. 83;; ))


…Shuttup, it’s totally the time.

On another note: I really wish people would stop calling me adorable because I’m “short”. Sure, by human standards I am smaller than most kids but I’m still young. I could have a growth spurt and be taller than everyone!

It’s not like I’m gonna be this height forever y’know…






*He looked down by his feet to find, well.. lava creeping up on his precious shoes. After trying to avoid it by stepping backwards and losing his balance, he fells backwards—* Whoa—!

*— And lava hissed as it singed his backside—! Five rings came flying out of him as he jumped back up, and into more lava as he grabbed at least one of the rings; just barely!* OW—!

*And again!* AUGH—!

*And again! He was stuck like this!!* OW! 


*It had been hours now, and the burning glare of the hot, bubbling lava flowing that surrounded the area - ever increasingly overwhelming more of the Mystic Ruins - was starting to strain the young fox’s eyesight to a point where everything had become a glowing hue of reds, oranges, yellows and blue— Wait a minute.*



*The yells of pain, shock and, partially, (or at least he hoped partially) annoyance coming from the blue hedgehog pinned Tails’ ears down. Oh boy. Sonic was home to THIS?!

Of course. Perfect timing as always. Suddenly self-conscious, he shuffled uncomfortably into a semi-defensive position - to protect the flame shield and himself from a fried hedgehog brother.*

A-ah— I.. I didn’t do anything! I swear! It was the Anon guys who did it, not me!!


A-Anons?! *The hedgehog shouted as he jumped for his ring again, sliding across lava as it slipped from his grasp, singing his chest and fur to a dark brown color.* Guagh—! *He leapt up immediately, running and grabbing the ring just in time. Aaaand back to where he started. One lone area not surrounded by lava just yet. A sharp and exhadurated sigh of relief left him as he put a hand lightly over his now tender chest, doubling over in the moment he had to rest.*

We haven’t had a magic anon, well… attack us like this in a long time! *He let the ring go inside him with a light ching sound as it vanished, the elder facing his foxy brother with his hands on his side and a foot impatiently tapping.* What happened?! 

*He gave the fox time to explain himself, happy he had a ring on hand to at least keep him from being singed too badly… It helped that after years and years of (sort of) abuse, his pain tolerance for this stuff was super high already. But the lava was growing closer and closer to Sonic’s feet…*

*The obvious pain that Sonic was under made the young kid wince in guilt; his tails twisting around his legs in shame as he watched the hedgehog bounce around being singed at every opportunity the magically spawned elements had, all while chasing after what Tails could only guess was his final ring.

Man, if only the flame shield had the ability to share with others, instead of just one person…

"We haven’t had a magic anon, well… attack us like this in a long time!"

Tails’ throat seemed to constrict up upon itself as he silently glanced worryingly at the burns across the hedgehog’s body. “Attack” was definitely the right word to use in this situation…

Through the years, Sonic had suffered much injury and physical abuse in his heroic lifestyle, but the embarrassment and shame of causing this to Sonic (by what felt like himself for even TALKING to the Anon) was starting to make Tails feel sick - especially as he watched the lava slowly crawl and spread towards Sonic’s small safe spot.

However, he troublingly swallowed it down with a small, deep cough to clear the feelings away. They’d be okay. They’re always okay.*

…Y-yeah, I know. I really don’t know what kinds of things were running through that guy’s head. He just.. showed up, said the “sky and ground are now lava”, y’know like that game we used to sometimes play, and then BOOM! Lava everywhere!

I thought it would’ve been over by now, but there was no time specification this time around so I’m guessing it might last for a while. I’m sorry you had to come back to this Sonic…